Latest Circuit Based Final Year Engineering Project Ideas in 2022

Here is the list of the Top 30 Best Circuit-Based Project Ideas for Electronics Engineering Students brought to you by Listyaan. Circuit Project Ideas for B-Tech, M-Tech & Ph.D. students.

The part of the design cycle that produces the integrated circuit’s schematics is referred to as “circuit design” in integrated circuit design automation. Usually, this comes after logic design and before physical design.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Identification based Bank Locker Security System:

This concept makes use of biometric fingerprint technology to secure bank lockers. This security system project makes use of a password, RFID, GSM, and fingerprint.

The user of this project must first register his personal information, including name, secret code, and mobile number. The user must then place his finger on the fingerprint module for it to be scanned and recorded alongside the fingerprint ID.

  • Monitoring of Time and Attendance with Fingerprint Biometric Solution:

This biometric project is utilized to track employee time and attendance as well. By utilizing this project, we can stop buddy punching, stop time theft, enhance earnings, monitor a task remotely, and improve a job’s efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction.

  • High-level Authentication for a Power Plant using Voice Recognition:

This project uses speech recognition to perform high-level power plant authentication. This project is utilized in power plants for security reasons.

  • IVRS-based Home Automation with Immediate Voice Feedback:

Utilizing IVRS and voice input, this project is utilized to construct a home automation system right away. This project uses Bluetooth technology to provide remote control of home appliances like the TV, fan, and tube lights from anywhere in the world.

  • An Electronic Voting System with an Automatic Image Comparing System:

This project may be improved to develop a system that offers sufficient levels of vote security and privacy through authenticating divisions. A facial rearrangement is one of the verification criteria for online electronic voting. The verification parameter for offline is analogous to iris and finger detection.

  • Home Automation for Disable Persons using His Voice Tag:

In this project, a voice-activated home automation system is implemented. The main purpose of this project is to enable elderly, crippled, and bedridden persons to use an Android application to operate appliances.

This concept employs voice commands coupled with switches to control the appliances since it is difficult for elderly and bedridden individuals to operate household equipment.

  • Prepaid Coffee Dispenser with Biometric Recharge using Fingerprint Module:

This project is used to build a biometrically recharged, fingerprint-based prepaid coffee dispenser. There are other biometric systems available, but fingerprint scanning is one of the best since it provides a good mismatch ratio that is both dependable and accurate.

This project makes use of embedded systems and two biometric technologies. The FIM 3030N module, which has RAM, DSP, and ROM, is the fingerprint scanner utilized in this project.

  • Fingerprint-based Driving License Management System:

This project implements a system for driving license verification using fingerprints. This project is very essentially used to monitor the driving license through a proper biometric system which is convenient and more suitable for monitoring. In this project, a prototype of the license verification system is implemented.

  • Wireless AI-based Mobile Robot for Multi-specialty Operations:

To make the greatest use of both labor and machine resources, this project installed a mobile robot based on wireless AI to perform a variety of activities.

Some robots do various functions, such as pick and place, gas and fire detection, and more. The robot created for this project will move on its own.

  • Intelligent Robot for Materials Handling:

An intelligent robot is implemented in this project. The primary goal of this project is to create a robot for color detection that can be used to detach moving goods from a conveyor belt in an industrial setting. In this project, MATLAB is used to create a color-detecting method.

  • Pole Climbing Robot:

To lessen the risk for electricians when connecting transmission lines, this project develops a robot that can climb an electric pole. According to the instructions given to it, this robot is now employed to join the transmission lines.

  • Intelligent Industrial Security Surveillance System with Auto Dialer:

This project uses a variety of sensors, including wall braking, IR detection, unlawful entrance, fire accidents, and IR detection, to develop an efficient security alarm system to monitor the industry.

On an LCD, the sensor data may be shown. All of the sensors in this system are wired to a burglar alarm. LEDs can show the status of these sensors. When the alarm is activated, the sensor’s LED will start to glow, signaling that a cable failure has occurred.

  • Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller:

In most cases, a gatekeeper can manually operate railway gates. The neighboring railway station can receive train status information, allowing the gatekeeper to open or close the gate.

However, there is a great chance for accidents because certain railroad crossings are entirely unattended. Here, an automatic railway gate controller has been designed to prevent these mishaps by avoiding manual operation.

  • Code Modulation-based Encryption & Decryption for Secured WIRELESS Communication:

The project’s main goal is to use wireless transmission to send encrypted data. The receiver can receive this data and decrypt it before displaying it on the PC. A user must enter the information using the PC if they wish to send a message to a distant place.

The microcontroller may retrieve this data and, after encryption, transmit it through RF TX. Similar to this, the RF receiver receives the data, decodes it, and displays it on a computer. So plaintext is ultimately created from code text.

  • Smart Card Technology-Based Employee ID Cards & Access Control:

The smart card’s external component, a reader, may transmit the data stored on the card. Various industries, including businesses, banking, finance, healthcare, media, and entertainment use this.

In this project, employee identification cards with smart cards are utilized to grant access to the company. The data held in the cards can be secured by utilizing these cards.

  • RF-based Wireless Encryption & Decryption Method:

The major goal of this project is to use RF wireless communication to deliver and receive encrypted data. This project uses the TLP434A transmitter, which operates at a frequency of 433.92MHZ and is utilized for remote control applications.

This transmitter’s operational voltage range is 2V to 12V. The microcontroller performs the function of a decoder in this project.

  • RF-based Wireless Weather Station:

The suggested system includes a mathematical model that may produce prompt local notifications based on the meteorological conditions at the moment. It produces a real-time, online effect.

We also compared the data outcomes of the suggested system with the data values of the Chandigarh Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment Laboratory and the Meteorological Station Chandigarh.

The results have shown to be quite accurate. The purpose of this effort is to track weather variables, forecast weather, map weather conditions, and alert people to potentially hazardous outcomes.

  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multipoint Receivers using RF:

An alphanumeric keypad is connected to the transmitter in this project so that data may be entered and transmitted to the receiver. The user may always remove the keypad after entering the text.

Additionally, the user has the option to modify, add, or remove the text based on his needs. The key advantages of this project are that it is inexpensive, less complicated, and network-independent.

  • X-Ray-Based Quick COVID-19 Detection With Raspberry Pi:

The suggested system stages are combined to match the embedded system’s limited computing and memory capabilities.

Among the current state-of-the-art deep learning (DL)-based approaches, the suggested method has the fewest computational and memory resources, two to three orders of magnitude less than the state-of-the-art methods.

  • Face Tracking and Movement Following Drone:

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sometimes referred to as drones, are aircraft that have an autonomous pilot. Through aerial photography, they may readily access places that are dangerous or impossible for humans to get to and gather photographs from a bird’s eye view.

The ability of drones to identify people on the ground is crucial for several applications, including remote monitoring, people searching, and surveillance.

  • PC-Based GPS Receiver:

There are several devices with GPS technology accessible today. ‘Global positioning system’ is what GPS stands for. (UTC is the major time reference used by nations to govern clocks and time.)

In addition to the conventional coordinated universal time (UTC) and the data relating to the position of the GPS receiver itself on an international-standard latitude-longitude basis, it also offers some additional information obtained from the closest satellite designated for this purpose.

  • IR Music Transmitter and Receiver:

This IR transmitter/receiver and music generator circuit allows for the generation and reception of audio musical notes up to a distance of 10 meters.

The IR music transmitter and receiver make up the circuit’s two components. The IR music receiver runs on regulated 9V to 12V whereas the IR music transmitter uses a 9V battery.

  • Remote Health Monitoring With BLE Capability For COVID-19 Doctors:

With the help of this technology, patients may live more comfortably thanks to the usage of various functions of smart home automation equipment on their phones. Patients can also be watched remotely from their houses.

Since patients in self-isolation or self-quarantine may utilize the new platform to report daily health symptoms and problems to doctors via their mobile phones, that is one of the study’s most significant contributions.

  • Smart GPS Geofencing System:

This technology offers a high level of protection that keeps cars from being stolen. Using the Internet of Things also sends the user a notification based on the location’s boundaries (IoT).

In this research, the system had no trouble keeping track of the vehicle’s location and was able to send out an alarm when it left the geofence zone.

  • Smart GPS Tracker Using Arduino:

For outdoor application requirements, this technology is quite effective. This type of vehicle monitoring system project is frequently used to track taxis, stolen cars, school buses, and other types of vehicles. In this project, we take GPS one step further by utilizing Arduino to create a GSM and GPS-based car tracking system.

By adding a few minor adjustments to the hardware and software, this car tracking system may be used to follow a vehicle using GPS and GSM as well as serve as an accident detection alert system, a soldier tracking system, and many more purposes.

  • GSM-based Cellular IoT Home Automation:

In this project, we’re creating a system for home automation that will allow users to manage their appliances using a basic GSM phone and SMS messages.

No smartphone is required for this project; any old GSM phone will work to turn on and off any house electronics from anywhere.

  • SMS-Based Smart Notice Board:

A GSM Module IC, an LCD, and a Microcontroller were used to create the system. The message to be shown as an SMS is first received by the GSM module, which then sends it via COM port to the microcontroller for SMS validation before displaying it on the LCD.

The test results demonstrate that the E-notice board performs superbly on the different tests run, while certain issues may be investigated further.

  • RFID And Face Recognition-Based Smart Attendance System:

This system utilizes the face recognizer library to store attendance and recognize faces. The absentee’s boss or parents are notified through email of their employee’s or ward’s absence, respectively.

The goal of this project is to provide new features to already existing projects, such as massive data storage and quick computation using less expensive technology.

  • Design IoT Mesh Enabled Environment Monitoring Device:

Each sensor node can function as a relay in the system, which raises system failure resistance and boosts scalability. Additionally, we use an authentication approach to guarantee the nodes migrate transparently between various network segments while upholding a high level of system security. Finally, we discuss the outcomes of the actual implementation.

  • OTP-Based Smart Wireless Locking System Using Arduino:

We’re going to build a clever OTP-based locking scheme in this project. Every time you unlock it, this smart lock may create a different password, further enhancing your security. Compared to the conventional key-based method and the electronic wireless lock system, this new gadget is significantly safer.

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