Top 10 Latest Electronics Project Ideas for ECE Final Year Students

Let’s get started with the list of the Top 10 Electronics Project Ideas for Electronics & Communication Engineering Students for Minor & Major Project Submissions.

Choose your project based on your area of interest, and then build a prototype using any software. Developing a prototype will aid you in the real-time understanding of the circuitry’s basic operation. In the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, practice and imagination are the keys to success.

  • Smart Traffic Lighting System:

Road congestion is one such issue & a smarter way to manage it is by implementing an unmanned automation process. A prototype of a smart traffic lighting system that can operate traffic signals autonomously based on real-time vehicle data.

  • Automated Railway Crossing:

Thousands of lives are lost each year as a result of unattended railway gates and crossings. This idea proposes a novel solution to this problem, in which the gates will open and close automatically in response to the approach of the train.

This enables you to comprehend how to apply technology to address problems in your environment and have a significant impact on people’s lives. Sensors monitor train arrival and departure and transmit suitable signals to the microcontroller in this project. As per sensor input, a microcontroller is programmed to activate motorized railway gates.

  • Animatronic Hand:

Animatronics is a field of science in which machines/robots simulate human and animal behaviors such as walking, moving arms, and making facial expressions. By moving your hands, fingers, and facial muscles, you can build devices and control them.

Embedded systems will be used to develop, build, and control an animatronic hand. With the use of flex sensors, you can control the animatronic hand you make with your hand movements.

  • Robotic Arm:

As part of automating all manufacturing operations, the Robotic Arm performs numerous jobs such as picking, rotating, sorting, and positioning. A three-degree-of-freedom robotic arm that you can operate with your smartphone.

The robotic arm will be controlled by an Android App and will be connected to the phone through Bluetooth.

  • Plant Soil Moisture & Ph Sensing Alarm Using 8051:

To support appropriate plant growth, plants require both water and suitable soil (pH rich). We present an 8051 microcontroller-based system that uses a soil moisture sensor and a ph value sensor to monitor these values continuously.

By continuously monitoring for correct moisture and ph, the system microcontroller guarantees that the plant receives it. This is also displayed on a display screen for the user to see.

The device also has an alert that makes a buzz if the numbers go below a set threshold, which could be harmful to the plant’s health. Using soil moisture and ph sensors, the device promotes appropriate plant health.

  • Alarm Generation Anti-Sleep Truck Drivers:

This project designs an alarm system for drivers. This system is used to check the eye movement of the driver constantly.

If this system detects that the vehicle driver is in a sleepy condition, then an alarm clock can be generated to give an alert to the vehicle driver in a sleepy condition, then an alarm can be generated to give an alert to the vehicle driver to the person to wake up. 

  • Voting Machine in Cellular using Microcontroller:

EVMs, or electronic voting machines, are being utilized in elections. The proposed system, a cellular-based voting machine using a microcontroller, is presented here. A voting unit and a master unit are included in this system.

A voting unit can be set up anywhere, but the master unit must be set up within a control system. A DTMF tone generator is included in the voting unit. Using the FM transmitter, this tone can be sent to the master unit.

A DTMF decoder, FM receiver, Display Unit, and Microcontroller are all included in the master unit. This tone is received by the receiver, decoded by the microcontroller, and displayed on the LCD.

  • Detection of Over Speed Automatically:

The frequency of road accidents in India is increasing day by day as a result of excessive speed. To solve this problem, a gadget called a speed detector was created.

The key characteristic of this device is that it works from a distance of 100 meters, allowing for easy identification of vehicles traveling at high speeds. This detector does not work on the Doppler Effect like a typical speed detector, but it does work on exceptionally consistent laser beams.

Another advantage of using this device is that it may be utilized on any type of road and is simply transferrable.

  • Car Speed Checker With LCD Display:

The idea is a speed checker system that can detect rash driving and any other type of speed infringement on highways and notify traffic officials.

The traditional approach employs a handheld radar gun pointed at the vehicle to record its speed, with any violations reported to the nearest police station. This procedure necessitates a significant amount of time.

As a result, the proposed approach is used to check speed by calculating the time it takes to travel between two defined spots separated by a predetermined distance. On each set point on either side of the road, an IR transmitter and receiver are attached.

The time it takes the vehicle to move from one set point to the next is calculated by a control unit, and the speed is displayed on a seven-segment display. A buzzer sounds if the calculated speed restriction exceeds the chosen speed, alerting the road transport authority.

  • Automatic Solar Tracker:

The automatic solar tracker starts tracking the sun at sunrise and continues until sunset, then starts all over again at sunrise the next day. On a cloudy day, it lingers immobile, grasping the SUN once again as it peeps through the clouds.

It accomplishes all of this automatically, using low-cost and low-cost ingredients, and it is incredibly accurate. Let’s have a look at how it’s done. Three electronic sections need to be clarified.

The parallel sensor section comes first. In the mono-stable technique, the 555 timer IC is used. A power separator network is connected to pin 2 of the 555, often known as the trigger pin. An auxiliary power separation network is connected to Pin 4, which can be reset.

Check out our full list of the best 40+ electronics project ideas for B-Tech, M-tech & Ph.D. students.

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