30+ Best LabView Beginner Project Ideas for Electronics Students

Here is the list of the Top 30 Best LabView Project Ideas for Engineering Students brought to you by Listyaan. LabView Project Ideas for B-Tech, M-Tech & Ph.D. students.

Additionally, the LabVIEW virtual instrument’s programming environment and the system will be discussed. The design ideas and the overall structure on which the virtual instrument was created are thoroughly discussed.

  • LabVIEW Based Temperature Measurement and Control System:

This project’s goal is to create a LabVIEW software with data acquisition and control circuitry that can monitor temperature from a temperature sensor and then regulate the heating element. This project work introduces the idea of a virtual instrument as well as temperature control for a fixed temperature.

  • Non-Contact Water level controller using Arduino and LabVIEW:

In this project, an Arduino, an ultrasonic sensor, and LabVIEW are used to construct a non-contact water level measuring and control. When the water level drops, the pump turns on, and when the level rises, the pump is shut off.

  • DC Motor Speed Control Using LabVIEW:

The goal of this project is to create a straightforward controller utilizing an AVR microcontroller, MOSFET H-bridge, and LabVIEW to regulate the direction and speed of a DC motor.

  • Optimized Operation of Induction Generator for Small-scale Wind Power:

This project’s primary goal is to modify the induction generator’s slip to regulate the power it produces (with the use of a DC motor drive). To provide computerized control, LabVIEW software is interfaced with the entire circuit.

  • Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar-Power Zigbee Network:

With the help of a solar-powered Zigbee module, this project aims to prevent forest fires by remotely measuring things like temperature, rain, and pressure. Additionally, the maximum PowerPoint tracking method is part of this research.

  • Optical Character Recognition-Based Speech Synthesis System Using LabVIEW:

This project uses LabVIEW software to construct an optical character recognition (OCR)-based voice synthesis system for translating printed or typed character documents into speech signals.

  • Screening of Foot Ulceration in Diabetic Patients Using Flexi Force Sensor Platform:

By accurately assessing the pressure on the foot using a force-sensing resistor, this study seeks to avoid foot ulcers in diabetes patients. To compare aberrant and normal foot pressure measurements, this project was implemented using the graphical programming language LabVIEW.

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cells Using LabVIEW and DAQ:

The main goal of this project is to use LabVIEW and a DAQ board to develop a real-time monitoring system for solar or photovoltaic cells put on rooftops. This will make it easier to calculate the need for the load that a solar system must connect.

  • AES-256 Encryption for Secured Communication:

AES 256, a cryptographic method used for security services, is implemented in this project. Every node’s authentication and secure key are provided by this encryption for wireless sensor networks.

  • LabVIEW Based Human Power Generator & Fitness Analyzer:

The major goals of this project are to quantify a person’s level of fitness and produce power from a spin bike. Calories burnt, heart rate, VO2 max level, battery condition, power generated, speed, etc. are all monitored in this project using LabVIEW.

  • Text File Encryption Using FFT Technique in LabVIEW:

This project’s goal is to enable text file transfer with high-security encryption using the LabVIEW software’s FFT technique.

  • High Precision Stepper Motor Controller Implementation on FPGA with GUI on LabVIEW:

The main aim of this project is to implement a technique for precise control of the stepper motor through the Bluetooth wireless network by implementing the PWM technique in the FPGA controller. In this, the control parameters are implemented on the LabVIEW platform.

  • Implementation of Home Automation System Using LabVIEW:

In this project, LabVIEW software is used to develop a control and monitoring system for houses. Additionally, this makes it possible for users to remotely operate their homes through the internet from any location around the globe.

  • Multi-Level Security for Automotive–RFID-Based Technology with LabVIEW Implementation:

This project aims to develop a secure automotive vehicle by preventing unauthorized persons from accessing it. RFID system with the main controller implements the hardware part while LabVIEW software is used for designing the GUI part.

  • Direct Torque Control Of BLDC Motor Using Fuzzy Logic In LabVIEW:

This project mimics sensorless direct torque control of brushless DC motors for the much faster response of torque compared to the PWM control technique. A fuzzy logic controller made in LabVIEW is used to carry out this idea.

  • LabVIEW and Web-Server-Based Human Body Monitoring System:

The goal of this project is to use LabVIEW to track several bodily functions including heart rate, temperature, and SPO2 levels. The Arduino controller is used to do the data collecting, and LabVIEW makes it possible to execute GUI and web server-based monitoring functions.

  • Design of Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled using LabVIEW :

The goal of this

project is to create a virtual tool for recognizing hand gestures as well as collecting and analyzing electrooculogram signals for tracking eye movements. This LabVIEW project uses these two inputs to display the appropriate message or produce a voice message to assist the deaf and dumb in communicating.

  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring Using VI Server:

The goal of this project is to construct an LPG gas monitoring system that continually tracks gas leakage. These sensors are positioned in various places and are connected through a USB hub to the main PC, which houses the LabVIEW controller.

  • Low-Cost Device for Monitoring Photovoltaic Module Current-Voltage Characteristics:

With the use of a low-cost DAQ module and LabVIEW program, this project aims to create a low-cost instrument for tracking the current-voltage characteristics of PV modules. The analysis of PV field conditions and the detection of deterioration and malfunction are both aided by this arrangement.

  • Industrial Pollution Monitoring System Using LabVIEW and GSM:

The major goal of this project is to create a pollution control system, specifically for businesses like sugar, paper, and chemical production. This concept uses LabVIEW to continually monitor factors like CO gas, pH level, etc. Data is then sent to the appropriate parties through GSM.

  • Robot-Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using LabVIEW:

This project’s primary goal is to use a robot that can do medical tests such as ECG and pulse rate to provide patients with remote medical support from doctors. Additionally, this data is sent over the internet to the LabVIEW program at the doctor’s office.

  • Using LabVIEW and DAQ, three-phase AC motor monitoring and parameter calculation:

In this project, LabVIEW and DAQ are used to construct a real-time monitoring and control system for a three-phase induction motor. This project continually monitors the voltage and current levels and, if they go over safe limits, protects the motor.

  • Automobile Security and Safety System Using LabVIEW:

In this concept, anti-collision safety is offered by the car’s headlights sinking when an unwelcome vehicle approaches the other vehicle. It makes use of an ultrasonic sensor, LDR, and camera in addition to LabVIEW software and DAQ (for face recognition security).

  • Driving License Test Automation Using LabVIEW:

This project automates the current driver’s license testing process without the need for a human observer by assessing speed sensing, path tracking, and other driving abilities. Additionally, it wirelessly transmits data to a PC where it is processed and an outcome—whether the driver’s test was successful or unsuccessful—is produced.

  • A LabVIEW-Based Power Analyzer:

In this project, a DAQ board and LabVIEW are used to create a computer-based power analyzer VI that can evaluate real-time power quality metrics including active and reactive power, instantaneous power, harmonics, and power factor.

  • Ambulance Controlled Traffic System Using RFID Technology with LabVIEW Simulation:

The goal of this project is to use RFID technology to manage traffic during the arrival of an ambulance. Signals in the ambulance’s path are automatically managed until it reaches the destination based on the RFID tags. Before performing this operation in practice, the complete process is simulated using LabVIEW software.

  • Smart Mobility Wheelchair using LabVIEW:

The goal of this project is to create a smart wheelchair control system based on eye movements for people with physical disabilities. This project also has features for autonomous navigation, line following, and computer interface.

  • Multi-Level Car Parking By LabVIEW:

The primary goal of this project is to create an autonomous parking system that assigns parking spaces based on the size of the automobile. LabVIEW receives data from IR sensors regarding the size of the car and uses the code to allocate the appropriate parking space.

  • Automate Machine for Rescue Operation for Children Using LabVIEW:

The goal of this project is to rescue a child who has become trapped inside a bore well by developing a system that can monitor the child with a high-resolution camera, provide essential survival aids like oxygen and temperature control, and bring the child back from the bore well methodically and securely.

  • Enhanced Accident Prevention System in Underground Collieries Using LabVIEW:

With the use of an Arduino board and LabVIEW interface, this project uses a CNG sensor to continually monitor the methane gas concentration in underground coal mines. The driving circuit is automatically switched to turn the blower when this design detects the gas level threshold.

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