RFID Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering Major Project

Here is the list of the top 30 Best RFID-Based Project Ideas for Engineering Students brought to you by Listyaan. RFID Project Ideas for B-Tech, M-Tech & Ph.D. students.

Radio Frequency Identification and Detection is what RFID stands for. RFID reads and collects data from tags using radio waves. The projects listed below are all RFID-based and come replete with circuit schematics, source codes, technical descriptions, and functional examples.

  • RFID Token-Based Appointment Calling System:

All of these problems are resolved by the construction of a fully automated token management system. The system supports a flawlessly functioning, totally automated token-calling mechanism.

An Atmega 328 microcontroller, an RFID reader, a keypad for settings, an LED display, and a buzzer for alerting and showing token numbers, as well as basic electronics parts and a PCB board, is used to construct the system. The system continues to run the appointments flawlessly and automatically.

  • Weather Imaging CubeSat with Telemetry Transmission:

To build the satellite, the system employs an STM32 controller, a solar panel, a battery for power supply, a magnetometer, an infrared sensor, a temperature sensor, a camera, and a 2.4GHz of transmitter.

A rudimentary Cubesat design is created without an ACDS stabilizer system, with a greater emphasis on weather data collecting and communication.

  • Solar SeaWeather and Pollution Transmitter Buoy:

To accomplish this goal, the system employs a variety of sensors, all of which are controlled by an STM32 controller. We also create a receiver system to receive and show data from the transmitter.

The transmitter unit is always in the sea and cannot continually charge itself, we utilize a solar panel to allow it to produce its electricity and continue operating in the sea. The solar panel powers the electronics by charging the onboard battery.

  • Gesture Control Bicycle Indicator Gloves:

A battery powers the glove unit. When the user tilts his or her hand in a certain direction, the glove controller receives tilt signals from the gyro sensor. This command is processed and relayed to the receiver system via the rf transmitter in the direction of tilt.

When the user applies the brakes, the gyro captures the motion and wirelessly transmits it to the rf transmitter. The indication unit is likewise a battery-powered device that includes an atmega controller and an rf receiver.

When the rf receiver gets a command, the atmega controller processes it first. The command is decoded by the controller, who determines whether it is a brake command or a direction indication.

  • IOT Water Pollution Monitor RC Boat:

A motorized propeller system provides the forward propulsion for this project, which is remote-operated and controlled by an RC remote control. A servo motor arrangement provides the steering via a rudder.

  • IOT Smart Parking Using RFID:

This technology uses RFID to replace the current conventional parking system with a smart parking system based on the internet of things (radio-frequency identification). An admission card will be given to users so they may access parking spaces.

The customers will also receive an android-based mobile application so they may check their phones to see whether a parking spot is available. Users must keep a minimum balance on their entrance card to use the parking system; otherwise, the system will prevent them from entering. By utilizing automation technologies, this smart parking system will aid in reducing human effort and time.

  • Fishing Drone:

A special fishing drone that has a floating panel built in that enables it to land in the water, sit there while holding a fishing hook, and then take off while carrying the fish it has caught to the beach. A camera built inside the drone allows users to see real-time video on an Android phone.

The user’s phone receives the wireless transmission of the camera feed. The drone is remotely controlled by the operator using an rf controller. The drone receiver picks up the remote-transmitted movement orders, and the controller then controls the motors to fly the drone.

  • Solar Floor Cleaner Robot:

The method is designed to make it easier for cleaners to clean big, open spaces without exerting any physical effort or requiring frequent robot charging. The robot is designed to assist with and streamline daily cleaning activities. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning brush combines dry and wet cleaning processes.

The robot utilizes a battery that is continually charged by a solar panel as it is depleted by the motors. When exposed to sunlight, this extends the battery life. A vacuum cleaner with an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection makes up the system.

  • 360° Filmmaking Drone For 4K HD Video:

Two remote controls are utilized to operate the drone and an action camera respectively. The drone receives input from both remotes. Filmmakers may now record professional-quality footage with a cheap camera setup thanks to the ability to capture high-quality video footage from a range of video angles.

Using a remote-controlled transmitter, a drone is employed for this. The drone receiver receives movement orders from the transmitter, which are then transmitted to the drone. To make the required movement, the receiver sends them to the controller.

  • Water Pollution Monitoring RC Boat:

With the use of this design, large bodies of water may easily have their water quality checked. This remote-controlled boat will assist in measuring the turbidity and pH levels. This will make it easier for us to keep the water clean.

A motorized propeller system provides the forward propulsion for this project, which is remote-operated and controlled by an RC remote control. A servo motor arrangement provides the steering via a rudder.

  • Pollution Monitoring & Source Tracker Drone:

In this undertaking, a drone Gas detecting sensor and an unmanned aerial vehicle are employed. This drone has a sensor built in that detects a significantly polluted region before further detecting the type of pollution.

It will trace the path taken by industry, transportation, etc. to become the cause of the rise in pollution. This will aid with pollution management when it is needed. It will aid in saving both human and environmental life.

  • Intelligent Surveillance and Night Patrolling Drone:

The major goal of this project is to survey a huge region from a single location without the need for a security guard to watch over it physically. The drone will be furnished with a camera and lights for nighttime visibility.

This can help prevent theft even more, and military forces may use it to keep an eye on dangerous areas that are difficult to physically inspect because of tough terrain or other factors.

  • RF-Controlled Solar Panel-Based Robotic Vehicle:

A robotic vehicle powered by solar energy and equipped with a 360-degree camera is the subject of this solar panel project. The movement of this robotic vehicle can be managed remotely utilizing RF technology. Push buttons are used in this method at the transmitting end.

The receiver may receive orders with the aid of these push buttons. These orders, which instruct the robot to go forward, backward, left, or right, among other directions, are used to regulate the robot’s mobility. It performs the needed task using a microcontroller from the Atmega 328 family.

  • Smart Shopping Trolley with Automated Billing using Arduino:

An automatic invoicing system that may be installed inside the shopping cart is the centerpiece of this creative invention. The RFID reader used in this automated payment system is managed by Arduino.

Therefore, anytime a customer places a product in their cart, the RFID module detects it and displays the product’s price along with it on the LCD. This technology is suited for usage in settings like supermarkets since it will reduce the need for staff while improving the shopping experience for customers.

  • DIY 5DOF Wireless Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Gripper Arm:

This project involves creating a robotic arm that simply moves by hand motions. This robotic arm can be utilized in fields that need both human intellect and mechanical assistance.

We can save time and effort and can complete several activities at once by having hundreds of robotic arms follow the work we accomplish with our hands at one time. This robotic system is made up of a collection of mounts and other components that work together to secure motors in position so that desired movement may be achieved.

  • Advanced Footstep Power Generation System using RFID for Charging:

With the aid of human footfall, we are producing electricity for this project on footstep power generation, which is subsequently utilized to charge batteries. A battery that may be used to charge a mobile phone using an RFID card contains the power.

The Atmega 328 microcontroller powers this system, which also includes the Arduino IDE, an RFID sensor, a USB connection, and an LCD. If the user is not authorized, the system will show an unauthorized user; if the user wishes to halt the charging in the middle of it, they must swipe the card once again.

  • RFID-Based Petrol Pump Automation System:

In the proposed fuel pump automation system, we use RFID cards to access gasoline at various gas stations owned by various petroleum firms around the nation. Here, we connect all of these gas stations using a single web server.

The only people who know the password to access this web server are the oil firms. By eliminating human interaction, this computerized gasoline pump technology also offers consumers security when filling up gas stations, lowering the risk of carrying cash constantly.

  • IOT Prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System:

The system uses RF technology to do the work utilizing a microcontroller-based circuit. The two central monitoring devices are utilized to continuously monitor each prisoner and scan through all detainees based on the information given to them. Each prisoner has a radio frequency tracker put on them that wirelessly transmits a special prisoner code0.

The centralized system cannot receive a prisoner’s code when they leave the institution. The receiver circuitry then gives the controller the go-ahead to take action against a specific prisoner. To send out an immediate alert and capture the prisoner before he runs even 50 meters from the facility, the system now sends the prisoner’s information to the officers’ alerting portal.

  • Multicontroller Wheelchair Safety Android, Touch, Speech, Gesture:

The Raspberry Pi serves as the main processor for this project. The following interfaces are used to accomplish the goal of autonomous locomotion. The first type of interface uses arrow keys on a touchscreen, allowing the user to travel in any direction of their choosing.

Similar to voice control, hand gestures, and an Android phone can operate a wheelchair. The wheelchair circuit is made up of an RF and Bluetooth receiver that is utilized to take in these commands and then drive the wheelchair motors to produce the required movement.

  • Accident Avoiding System Crash Detection &GPS Notification:

The program serves as an accident avoidance and detection system, gathering all the data and transmitting it to the recipient’s location or to anybody else to whose number the driver has given permission.

The entire process is controlled by Arduino using a GPS receiver and GSM module. The GSM module is used to send the ready SMS with the directions and the connection to Google Maps, while the GPS receiver is used to determine the vehicle’s directions.

  • Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle:

One wireless controller for each hand of the user is put on gloves for this system. The technology in this case accurately transfers the operator’s finger movements from one hand to the motion of a humanoid arm.

The driver IC, which controls the movement of the arm, is controlled by the microcontroller via an interface between the RF receiver and the latter. An accelerometer sensor connected to an Atmega microcontroller makes up the transmitter circuit.

This transmitter circuit transmits instructions to the receiver circuit, telling it whether to move the robotic arm in any direction or whether to hold or release an object.

  • IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project:

The IOT-based paralyzed patient health care system is a tool created to assist the patient in communicating with physicians, nurses, or family members while at home or working over the internet.

To provide this capability, the system uses circuitry based on a microprocessor. It makes use of a hand motion recognition circuit and a receiver additional to the transmitter circuit.

The receiver system is intended to take these commands, process them, and show the results on the LCD screen while also transmitting the data online to the IOT Gecko server. To produce the intended result, the IOTgecko server subsequently posts this data online.

  • DTMF & RF Dual Controller-Based Robot:

In this project, robots play a crucial role in a variety of disciplines, including medicine, industry, home automation, and many more.

The dual-tone multiple frequency (DTMF) system can be used to operate the robot. This robot was created just to make life easier for humans in the future in terms of security.

  • Fire Fighter Robot with Fire Resistant Body:

The firefighting robot is a motorized, RF controller robot with a tank and sprayer pump mounted on it. A steel body and specially made fire-resistant steel wheels make up the robot’s chassis.

Its purpose is to enter flames, spray water, and save lives. To give the robot control orders, the controller system consists of buttons installed on the RF transmitter circuit. The robotic vehicle has a tank for holding and spraying water. The receiver circuit is intended to drive robot motors as well as a motor pump that sprays water.

  • RFID-Based Smart Master Card For Bus Train Metro Ticketing:

A smart MasterCard strategy combines all of these systems into one and enables a single master card and a centralized system for all modes of transportation We employ three RFID scanners to act as smart card scanners for buses, trains, and metro trains, respectively, to illustrate this notion.

Additionally, the system offers the option of source and destination selection, and depending on that, it deducts a certain amount from the user’s MasterCard.

  • Multi-Robot Coordination For Swarm Robotics:

Swarm robots collaborate and work as a unit using coordinated shared intelligence. For quick and effective communication, these applications need the usage of wireless communication. This system makes use of this idea to apply it to a pair of master-slave-based swarm robots.

IR sensors are incorporated into the master robot to carry out a specified mission. In this instance, the master’s circuitry comprises a microcontroller circuit that follows a line and an integrated IR sensor circuit. The IR sensors detect the drawn line and operate according to the reflected light concept.

  • Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle:

The technology employs RF transmission and a joystick to remotely control the movement of the vehicle. To read RF commands, an RF receiver is coupled to an atmega microcontroller circuit in the reception circuit.

These commands are processed by the microprocessor, which then activates the motors to propel the car in the desired direction. While DC motors are employed to accomplish motion motions, the servo arrangement is built to obtain steering control. As a result, we propose a vehicle with a steering system that can be remotely controlled by an Rf joystick remote.

  • Ultrasonic Blind Stick With GPS Tracking:

The system’s whole operation is controlled by a microcontroller-based circuit. Our technology employs an ultrasonic sensor to detect items that are near the user and emits specific types of beeps to indicate impediments. Additionally, we employ a sorting mechanism to find water in front of the user.

The device alerts a blind person to the presence of water in front as soon as the front wires of the system dip into it using a modified beeping rhythm. To provide the blind user with a sensation of light, this device now also has a light sensor capability.

It alerts the user to the presence of light or darkness so that they may determine whether it is daytime or whether they have entered a dark room or facility.

  • IOT Asset Tracking System:

To implement the solution we propose, rf technology and IOT are both used. Any entity’s position may be determined by the system down to the precise room it is in at the time. Mini RF circuits are employed in the system as tracking devices.

To track the RF circuits, we employ tracking microcontroller-based circuits. The battery-operated tracker circuits are put on various objects and creatures. The monitoring circuits should be installed in separate rooms. The monitoring circuit for that room is now within 2-3 meters of any tracker objects as soon as they enter it.

  • Robotic Vehicle Controlled By Hand Gesture Using PIC:

This system includes a glove with a receiver circuit mounted on top and an Atmega microcontroller connected to an accelerometer that the user is supposed to wear while using the device. The circuit for the vehicle’s motors contains a Driver IC, PIC microcontroller, and FR receiver.

The RF transmitter transmits the commands that the IC on the circuit receives and then the RF receiver receives them. The PIC microcontroller receives the instruction from the RF receiver, decodes it, and sends it to the car to travel in the direction the user has requested.

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