Best Geology Books for IIT JAM Examination 2023

Best Geology Books for IIT JAM Examination 2023

The below table contains the list of the Best Books for the IIT JAM 2023 Geology exam preparations.

Author/ Publication

Book’s Name


New Age International Publishers

Fundamentals of Historical Geology, Stratigraphy of India

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Mead L. Jensen & A.M. Bateman

Economic Mineral Deposits

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G.S. Roonwal

Iron Ore Deposits and Banded Iron Formations of India

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John D. Winter

Principles of Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

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Groundwater Hydrogeology

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K.S. Vaidya

Geodynamic Evolution of India

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Arthur Morley Davies

Introduction to Palaeontology

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P.K. Verma

Optical Mineralogy

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Professor Haakon Fossen

Structural Geology

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Kale, V.S. Gupta,

Ravi P. Gupta

Introduction to Geomorphology

Remote Sensing Geology

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Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India

Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of IndiaKnow More

  1. Dr. Kumar presents the controversial facets of Indian Geology like the Precambrian history of India and the hydra-headed boundary problems.
  2. The author’s excellent way of tackling the topics is sure to make the title a standard textbook for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Economic Mineral Deposits

Economic Mineral DepositsKnow More

  1. Economic Mineral Deposits (Third edition) by Mead Jensen & Alan M. Bateman is a good book, to begin with.

Iron Ore Deposits and Banded Iron Formations of India

Iron Ore Deposits and Banded Iron Formations of IndiaKnow More

  1. Iron ore deposits and banded iron formations of India provide the background essential for understanding the nature and importance of iron ore and its genesis.
  2. This book summarizes! the iron ore occurrences, geology, formation, resources, economic consideration, and future of the iron industry in India.

Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic Pe

Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic PeKnow More

  1. This book offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of both igneous and metamorphic petrology in a single volume and provides the quantitative and technical background required to critically evaluate igneous and metamorphic phenomena.
  2. The goal throughout is for students to be able to apply the techniques and enjoy the insights of the results rather than tinker with theory and develop everything from the first principles.

Groundwater Hydrology

Groundwater HydrologyKnow More

  1. Groundwater Hydrology (Third Edition) By David K. Todd & Larry W. Mays is one of the best books for civil and agriculture engineers on Groundwater.

The Making of India: Geodynamic Evolution (Society of Earth Scientists Series)

The Making of India: Geodynamic Evolution (Society of Earth Scientists Series)Know More

  1. This book presents in a concise format a simplified and coherent geological-dynamical history of the Indian subcontinent (including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Southern Tibet, and Pakistan).
  2. It explores the geodynamic developments that took place from the beginning around 3.4 billion years ago to the last about 5,000 years before the present.
  3. The book is illustrated with a wealth of maps, cross-sections, and block diagrams ― all simplified and redesigned.

An Introduction to Palaeontology

An Introduction to PalaeontologyKnow More

  1. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

Optical Mineralogy

Optical MineralogyKnow More

  1. Optical mineralogy covers advances in instrumentation and includes illustrations of minerals as seen through petrological microscopes.
  2. The initial chapters familiarize readers with essential concepts in optics and optical mineralogy and questions at the end of each chapter provide insight into issues students will find in the field.
  3. With tables that make important information easily accessible, the book highlights the importance of optical mineralogy in eliciting information about the interior of crystals.

Structural Geology

Structural GeologyKnow More

  1. Both the book and the accompanying online resources have been extended with new topics and the animated e-modules are a fantastic extra teaching resource.
  2. Numerous color photographs and figures clearly illustrate concepts, while showing the inherent beauty of structures in the field.

Introduction To Geomorphology

Introduction To GeomorphologyKnow More

  1. Introduction to Geomorphology by Vishwas S Kale & Avijit Gupta is a good book, to begin with, Geomorphology.

Remote Sensing Geology

Remote Sensing GeologyKnow More

  1. It covers remote sensing in a wide range of optical, thermal, and microwave wavelengths and their host of geologic applications featuring sample applications from around the globe.
  2. It presents state-of-the-art content on emerging themes such as atmospheric interactions, spectroscopy, spectral indices, prospectivity modeling, and multi-sensor geodata integration.

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To secure an excellent rank in the IIT JAM exam, one must give equal importance to other subjects too. Here is the collective list of the best books to get started with your IIT JAM preparations.

IIT-JAM 2022: Geology Syllabus for Preparations

  • Origin of the Solar System and the Earth; Geosphere and the composition of the Earth; Shape and size of the Earth; Earth-Moon system; Dating rocks and age of the Earth; Volcanism and volcanic landforms; Interior of the Earth; Earthquakes; Earth’s magnetism and gravity, Isostasy; Basic elements of Plate Tectonics; Orogenic cycles.
  • Weathering and erosion; Soil formation; Transportation and deposition by wind, ice, river, sea, and resulting landforms.

Orientation of planes and lines in space – the concept of dip, strike, rake, and plunge. Contour lines; Rule of ‘V’s and outcrop patterns; Interpretation of geological maps and cross-section construction; Classification and origin of folds, faults, joints, unconformities, foliations, and lineations; Stereographic and equal-area projections of planes and lines; Numerical problems related to an outcrop and bore-hole data.

  • Major steps in the evolution of life forms; Fossils, their mode of preservation, and utility in age determination and paleoenvironmental interpretations; Morphology, major evolutionary trends and ages of important groups of animals – Brachiopoda, Mollusca, Trilobita, Graptolitoidea, Anthozoa, Echinodermata; Gondwana plant fossils; Elementary idea of vertebrate fossils in India.
  • Principles of stratigraphy; Litho-, Chrono- and biostratigraphic classification; Stratigraphic correlation techniques; Archaean cratons of Peninsular India (Dharwar, Singhbhum, and Aravalli); Proterozoic mobile belts; Stratigraphy of Cuddapah and Vindhyan basins; Stratigraphy of Paleozoic – Mesozoic of Spiti and Kashmir, Gondwana Supergroup, Jurassic of Kutch, Cretaceous of Trichinopoly, Tertiary and Quaternary sequences of Assam, Bengal, and Siwaliks.
  • Symmetry and forms in common crystal classes; Physical properties of minerals; Isomorphism, polymorphism, solid solution and exsolution; Classification of minerals; Structure of silicates; Mineralogy of common rock-forming minerals; Elements of Optical Mineralogy, Optical properties of common rock-forming minerals.
  • Definition and classification of rocks; Igneous rocks – forms of igneous bodies; Processes of evolution and diversification of magma; Classification, association, and genesis of common igneous rocks.
  • Sedimentary rocks – classification, texture, and structure; Petrology of sandstone and limestone; Elements of sedimentary environments and facies. Metamorphic rocks – classification and texture; Types of metamorphism; Controls on metamorphism – pressure, temperature, and fluids; Concept of projections – ACF, AKF, and AFM diagrams; Phase Rule and its applications; Concepts of zones and facies, Characteristic mineral assemblages of pelites in the Barrovian zones and mafic rocks in common facies.
  • Physical properties of common economic minerals; General processes of formation of mineral deposits; Mode of occurrence and distribution of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits in India; Fundamentals of reserve calculation; Elements of coal and hydrocarbon geology, Coal and hydrocarbon occurrences in India.
  • Groundwater and hydrological cycle, Types of aquifers, porosity and permeability; Principles of engineering geology; Geological considerations in the construction of dams and tunnels.

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