Most frequent questions and answers

To get started you need to register with us, there are two ways to register on Listyaan,

a) Using Listyaan Registration Form-: Fill out all the required details in the form and click on submit to register. After Successful Registration, you will navigate to the Profile section on your Dashboard.

Now you are ready to start selling.

To get started, you need to register or log into your account, then navigate to the sell icon floating on the screen.

Fill out a simple form to let others know about your listing and you are done.

Navigate to your profile, and from the menu section click on My Ads, select the listing you want to edit/delete, then click on the pencil icon below your listing to edit or select a red cross icon to delete your listing.

In order to add images to your listing, you need to login/visit your profile section  -> click on the MY ADS -> hover over the pencil-like icon on the listing whose images you want to update ->  a form will open -> click/select the images and update it -> now click on submit to update the changes.

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