Best Physics Books for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced 2023

Here are some of the Best IIT JEE Physics Books for Mains and Advanced 2023. Since, the examination requires rigorous hard work and loads of practice,  here are some of the shortlisted books to gear up your preparation.

Each book is recommended by IIT JEE toppers, alumni, and the professor themselves to save time and help you prepare for the goal efficiently.

Best Books for IIT JEE Physics for Mains & Advanced 2023:

Name of the book

Author/ Publishing House

Concepts of Physics Vol1 & Vol2

Dr. H.C. Verma

A Problem Book in Physics for IIT-JEE

D.C. Pandey

Understanding Physics for JEE

D.C. Pandey

Problems in General Physics

IE Irodov

Principles of Physics

Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

Aptitude Test Problems in Physics

SS Krotov

Advanced Level Physics

Nelson & Parker

Concepts of Physics Vol1 & Vol2 by Dr. H.C. Verma

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  1. Volume 1 contains the concepts and notable questions of Mechanics & Waves Optics.
  2. While Volume 2 focuses on Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism & Modern physics.
  3. With all the prerequisites including the basic tools, theories, and advanced questions for the upliftment of your overall performance.
A Problem Book in Physics for IIT-JEE by D.C. Pandey

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  • Another much recommend the book for introduction to the world of advanced physics with obvious concepts and the most important and simplest questions.
  • The key factors of this book include:
  1. Divided into 16 logically sequenced chapters.
  2. These chapters help to understand the Fundamentals of physics.
  3. Step-by-Step solutions to the problems in the book.
  4. Useful for JEE Main & Advanced and all other Engineering Entrance Examinations.
Understanding Physics for JEE by D.C. Pandey

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  1. Topic-wise questions, miscellaneous exercises, questions asked in JEE, and examples based on all concepts.
  2. This book is incredibly written to ensure that a particular concept becomes easier to understand.
Problems in General Physics By IE Irodov

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  1. This book on Problems in General Physics contains about 1900 problems with hints for solving the most complicated ones.
  2. The book has been divided into six parts covering Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Molecular Physics, Electrodynamics, Oscillations & Waves, Optics, and Atomic & Nuclear Physics, each segregated into several chapters.
  3. Each chapter in the book opens with a time-saving summary of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics. As a rule, the formulas are given without a detailed explanation. Explanatory notes are given in those cases where misunderstandings may arise.
Principles of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

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  1. A good book to understand the fundamentals of existing physical sciences. It is not based on JEE or the Indian Syllabus but it teaches many new concepts and topics in form of modules in a unique way.
  2. The numerical problems are so incredible. One of the best-written books containing only relevant information.
Aptitude Test Problems in Physics by SS Krotov

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  1. The main advantage of adding this book to your collection is that it includes a large number of preparatory problems to sharpen your problem-solving aptitude in physics. Good book for practicing tough questions.
  2. The experts have adopted a whole new style of presenting easily understandable content, leaving behind the old traditional methods which once used to be the most effective.
Advanced Level Physics by Nelson & Parker

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  1. Just another book like fundamentals of physics for enthusiasts all across the globe for whom physics is more than a subject and a branch.

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