Samadhaan CBSE Mathematics Sample Paper


Strictly based on the Sample Paper released by CBSE on 9 Oct, 2020. Blueprint's Samadhaan Sample Paper for Mathematics (Standard Level) class 10 adhere to the 30% Reduced and Rationalised Syllabus by the CBSE due to Covid-19 pandemic; this sample paper prepared and reviewed by eminent author and ex-paper setter. Salient Features 1. Solved expert's copy of 2020 examination. 2. Solved CBSE sample paper issued by the CBSE for the 2021 examination. 3. Memory Pocket (chapterwise summary) to equip students with the entire syllabus. 4. Solutions with step-marking as per the CBSE norms. 5. 5 sample papers including 3 solved and 2 unsolved. 6. Levelwise categorisation of sample papers to enhance students’ performance systematically and effectively.

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