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‘Desperate Measures: Subject: Rose,’ a novel by Trinity Funk

Subject Rose is a Young Adult sci-fi novel that dives into the much loved Mad-Scientist trope. The protagonist Hailey Rose didn’t have the easiest childhood after her parents gave her up for adoption. Since then, she had been raised by a couple of awful foster parents in a small town in Manitoba, Canada. But there was still more to come.

Her life soon became worse when her boyfriend Ryan was abducted in front of her and held as leverage. Her foster parents were quite adamant about raising her in a sheltered lifestyle and hiding the truth about her birth parents. But as Hailey looked more into it, she started unraveling some hidden secrets about her past. She soon faced a difficult decision- either follow in her parents’ footsteps and join the Institute of Parapsychology as a staff member or save her boyfriend and risk becoming a patient.”

Trinity Funk is an Education student with a passion for creative writing. Interestingly, this novel began as a project for her grade 12 English assignment. Funk had to work upon an idea she was passionate about, and as she had always wanted to write a novel, she went for it. Working countless hours on her school project, looking for an editor who would provide a free sample edit and even create a cover for her novel, it was all too much for a girl so young. Unfortunately, she did not fully finish her project but still received a perfect score from her teacher.

Years passed, and Funk enrolled in a University, choosing English as her Major. She took a variety of courses but specialized in Creative Writing and its process. It was during her writing courses that she remembered the novel she once began but could never finish.

After many years of dust piling up on her first draft, she finally wiped it off and continue her work. It took her about two years to reach 35,000 words before coming across the much-dreaded writer’s block.

She just wasn’t there yet.

Not wanting to abandon her idea once more, she decided to search for an editor who could also help her complete the novel, and that led her to ‘The Book’s Savant’. She worked countless hours with the editor Leo to fix her ideas, fill up the plot holes, and finally finish the long-awaited ending. Her previous half-written 35,000-word draft transformed into a full-fledged 72,000-word novel.

After a whole two years and a much-needed push from her friends and editor, Funk was finally able to finish her first Young Adult novel.

Check out trinfunkwriting.com for a preview of the first chapter, previous work from Trinity Funk, and links to her Instagram page. Trinity Funk’s novel Desperate Measures: Subject Rose can be purchased on Amazon!
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