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Are Used Books Safe Enough To Buy?

Are Used Books Safe Enough To Buy?

If I have to answer this I will definitely be saying yes. I usually buy used books and till now I saw no such problem with them.

But a common considerable issue in a used book is that it might be a torn out one, or maybe too doodled to read the content comfortably.

But despite all these, you can still prefer to buy used books because you can always check their condition before purchasing them.

And used books are always preferable because they can be bought for a lower price in comparison to the original price, which is surely a good deal.

Now you may be thinking that where you should go to buy used books safely, well then don’t worry I know many places which you can trust. 

The best way to buy used books is to meet with the seller personally so you can check the book and the credibility of the seller before purchasing it.

So these are some possible ways:

   1. Local Markets– You all must be having some local markets around your locality or institute/school where you can pay a visit to verify the books before actually purchasing them.

But it is tiring to visit each store to look for the book of your interest. So, let me share a much easier way than this and I am pretty sure that you will love this.

In this era of the Internet, nothing is far from us, we can access everything on our device in just a few clicks. Hence, there comes the most preferred and advanced way-

   2. Online Classified Marketplace – This is the platform where different users come and list their Used Books for sale, you can visit these platforms such as Listyaan, etc. And search your desired books and then filter them as per your location and price. These online marketplaces have unlimited gains over traditional local markets-

  1. a) You can search with the comfort of your home.
  2. b) You will get many options to choose from.
  3. c) Every piece of information about the book is available to you.
  4. d) You can chat with the seller to negotiate the price.
  5. e) And at last you can meet them personally and complete the deal.

Safety tips for the deal :

  1. Use a safe location to meet the seller
  2.  Avoid cash transactions
  3.  Beware of unrealistic offers

Additional facts about used books

As it is well said by Edmund Wilson that no two persons, ever read the same book. This means a used book helps you get a multitude about the book i.e., you can know how the other readers perceived the idea of the book. It will help in widening the area of your understanding.

And you might choose to buy a new book to give the author some sort of incentive but if you are going for some classical old books I don’t think that you’d be keeping the authors of any money. So it’s all good to buy a used one.

Furthermore, you can buy the second-hand book first, and then if u like it and you want to purchase a new one for your collection, you can do so and pass down the used one for others to carry out the same activity.

Plus, since the pre-owned books don’t cost much, after reading them you can donate them or can sell them at a further lower price for a needy person to use which will help you both to keep up with the benefit.

Just as Winston S. Churchill said that we make sustenance by what we acquire but, we make a life by what we offer. So, purchasing a used book I think is assuredly a good deal to go with. And I can confidently say Listyaan will be a good choice for this deed.

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