7 Best Chemistry Books for IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced) 2022 – Listyaan
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7 Best Chemistry Books for IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced) 2022

7 Best Chemistry Books for IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced) 2022

Here’s a list of shortlisted best chemistry books to prepare for IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced) 2022 and a better reference.

Being one of the most complicated subjects with a vast syllabus, Chemistry needs to be understood properly with clear concepts and revised regularly.

Since the syllabus is huge and time is less, one must not waste it by studying unnecessary topics and questions.

Preparation for exams like this requires proper strategies and planning as well as knowledge about the course.


Physical Chemistry by Dr. O.P. Tandon & Dr. A.S. Singh

Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tondon

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The best selling for chemistry is preferred by almost every aspirant because of the content quality,  precise explanations, and simple language.

The best reference for the vast topics like,

  • Atomic structure
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformation
  • Stochiometry


Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry by M.S. Chouhan

Concepts of organic chemistry by M.S. Chauhan

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  • Best known for the topics covered precisely.
  • Does not includes any irrelevant chapter or topic regarding the syllabus.
  • The best-covered topics include;

Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

Aromatic compounds and reactions.

However, one can refer to another book to detect elements and detect functional groups for better knowledge and practice.


Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation by R.C. Mukherjee

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation by Ramendra C. Mukerjee

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Best preferred for covering and practice of essentials of physical chemistry.

Proceeds from basic topics to complex ones in a lucid manner.

However, the book is more problem-based and not theoretical with generally subjective type questions.

Best focuses on the mole concepts and JEE physical chemistry.


Concepts of Physical Chemistry by Dr. P. Bahadur

Concepts of Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur

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Another essential element for JEE preparation.

Best for the practice as it contains a large number of questions from all the variety and all the topics.

Another benefit is the proper explanation of all the topics with proper examples and references for better concepts.


Organic Chemistry for JEE(Mains & Advanced) by M.S. Chouhan

Wiley's Solomons, Fryhle & Snyder Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)

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Another advanced bestselling is known for advanced chemistry.

Aspirants can go for it after they’ve aced their syllabus because it is more knowledge-based for the complex topics for the undergraduate level.


Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

Wiley's J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)

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As the name states, it is generally preferred for the inorganic part as the book is well known for proper and precise explanations.

With all the theories, examples, key points, questions the book is a complete package for the inorganic portion.

Another key feature of this book is that it has a total of 15 appendices regarding almost all the topics falling in this portion.


Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins

Atkins' Physical Chemistry International Eleventh Edition

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One of the best reference books is divided into three parts;

  • Equilibrium
  • Structure
  • Change

Covering all the essentials, basics, and advanced level topics with ample examples, simple theories, and a vast variety of questions covering all the portions.

So, here we would like to end our list of the 7 Best Chemistry Books for IIT-JEE 2022. If you have any queries then let us know in the comments section.

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